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An image produced

Ego attacked

Teachings intact

Teachings forgotten


Offence in reponse to offense

Hate Bang Respect?

Teachings Intact

Teachings forgotten


Salvation for self and soul forsaken

Respect for ego maintained


Teachings Forgotten


Meeting of the Sages

In a time gone by in a place set back from prying eyes there came a meeting of those that heard, taught and guided.  To this meeting came Siddharta of the Sakyas, Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad of Mecca.  Food was served and water was consumed and conversation between those of similar mind came about.

In a common language of compassion and logic and love they recognised that each had taught based on the realisations of the others.  Realisations that some acknowledged as messages from God, from those gone before, and ultimately from a common source that brings life and love to all living things.

Conversation followed about the means by which they taught their followers and how they incorporated skillful means to ensure that their lessons were relevant to those that heard them.  This included the way that they ensured that the current practices were shown for what they were and a new way was communicated and how lessons were framed for those of different abilities and backgrounds and how those of different thoughts and faiths could not be forced to believe otherwise but should be treated with compassion.

In despair they spoke of the troubles of communicating that which is good and the means by which all living beings can know that which is true for this and future lifetimes. The battle of their teachings with the lusts of their students.  The battle of Soul over Ego.  That which will grow and last over that which will fool and fade.   The battle between the new and the old.  They each spoke of how they had to leave their communities and were branded radical.  Siddharta left his life of plenty and followed the life of the aesetic, Jesus was branded a criminal and Muhammad was forced to leave his city.

In these radical changes and by giving living examples of how life can be changed by the adoption of these teachings their followers remained loyal.  This loyalty even went to questions about matters not related to the key teachings about how they can live a life of subjugated ego and a liberated soul.  In these discussions these three leaders did not always agree but they did acknowledge the relevance for their communities and the truth of the teachings.

As the day wore on, they acknowledged that the teachings were valid, living beings were worthy of a life of hope and in need of guidance and they ventured into the night to continue their teachings.



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