Monthly Archives: November 2012


Today I commit to loving kindness
I will see all people as my friends
With wishing for them to be free from suffering
And free from the causes of suffering
So that they may experience happiness and the causes of happiness.


It is amazing how focussing on the inward allows us to realise the external.

For this reason all traditions benefit from meditation in order to give the thoughts initiated by, and that nourish, the Ego Hound to subside.

Breathe in, Breathe out, being aware of each breath deprives the distractive thoughts to fade.

Practice Practice Practice

Even traditions that have mantras, prayers, and utterances provide the opportunity to focus on the meaning and intent of the words by way of meditation.

Next time you utter those lines taught since you were a child – think about what the meaning and intent.

And the “A’ha” will follow.

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