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Good Deeds

Race towards good deeds and God will bring you together

Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam/

Dream – HHDL

Last night a vivid dream came to me that involved His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL).  The setting was in his childhood home where he had returned.  While in discussion HHDL dressed in his robes appeared to become weak and leaned over to lay down on the bench in which he was sitting.  He said that the time has come and he started to fade.

As he lay there , he uttered some prayers/mantras and turned to his side.  His retinue of fellow monks came into the small house as he started to pass.  As he smiled a flash of light appeared and the face of  His Holiness turned to black.  His fellow sangha said some mantras for him and gradually left the house.  After they left, HHDL sang a few lines of Tibetan and then passed.


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