Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Struggle of being Strong

To remember on that day through pride and struggle

The turmoil of those lost in chaos and pain

See us as we labour to survive this challenge

This day to day living with the weight of atlas

Bearing on our shoulders and weighing on our soul

Like others we were broken then built anew

Hearing that which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger

Optimism of youth believing the challenge

Belittling those that fell by the way as we showed that we were better

The true carriers of esprit de corps

The mono colour of cloth has passed

And in different uniforms we stride

Carrying the bearing of hours of strain and moulding

The external mode in keeping with customs and traditions

Seeing others but perceiving the cracks in the façade

Knowing that which doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger

And makes you broken in multitude of ways

Hidden from the surface until a true mate asks “are you OK”

The years of conditioning fade and the truth be told

Is given, “doing it hard, but I’ll be ok”

The pain of living with the defects makes the alternative a way to go

To cease the roar of confusion, of images long past

Seen as the happening of every day

The frustration and confusion of a mind reprogrammed

To see and do what should not be condoned

Lack of comprehension by those that we love

Wishing for you to move on and to love them as we should

Not knowing that we are broken and that love is far from where we are.

See them stand our siblings in arms

Bearing bright and tall but bearing the pain

Cracked and broken in degrees

Hiding it all

Which one will break and wish to end it all

While we band together and support their fall

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