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Many many years ago I started to wonder about the parts of life that we were unable to see but could we could perceive.  From an early age I took the path of an inquiring life.  This took me to investigate belief systems and a search for the common thread of the teachings.

With a lot of reading and study I followed the path of the Vajrayana Buddhist and through this path, and a great deal of study, query and thought have some small realisations of the way the world works.

In essence I had some small “a’ha” moments that relate to the common thread of the various traditions and how that relates to how we might live our life.  There is more uniting the various systems and traditions than divide!

The intent of this blog is to share these “A’ha” moments and to also encourage sharing of experiences.  This blog will be updated weekly with a new topic and discussion.  I welcome suggestions for discussion topics and for feedback.

May we all have an “A’ha” moment on a regular basis.

Marty McKowen

  1. As of today RavenGuide has a Facebook page called – Raven Guide.

  2. There have been many, but more recently, I have come to know the truth that all is not as it seems, and I mean far beyond the physical as well, even in spirit …

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