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Reading the news and seeing the photos of those that claim that they are defenders of their faith and are borne by religious piety and I have to ask.

1. Why do they believe they are defending their faith by physically attacking the people and places of worship of those they believe are “deviant”?
2. Why do feel that they have to defend their own faith? Surely this is an oxymoron. It is their own internal faith.
3. How does demonstrating intolerance, lack of peaceful mind, lack of compassion show respect for their teachers and those that came before? Do they not realise that anger is a sign that they are still babes in terms of their own belief systems?
4. And why do these “pious” ones always look so very unhappy?


An image produced

Ego attacked

Teachings intact

Teachings forgotten


Offence in reponse to offense

Hate Bang Respect?

Teachings Intact

Teachings forgotten


Salvation for self and soul forsaken

Respect for ego maintained


Teachings Forgotten


Conquering Annoyance

Sitting and contemplating

External and internal interruptions

That annoys me

Or is it “I am annoyed?”

Take responsibility – if “I” am annoyed then “I” can choose to be not annoyed

Compassion and wonder at the ability of the other to communicate – waves of sound, of light, of wind, of living and breathing sentience

Take responsibility, wonder, enjoy and smile

Eat the cake to truly REALISE

“I have faith in my religion because it is THE truth”

A common turn of phrase used to counter and halt all discussion about comparative religion and dialogue about alternative views.  Language is a strange thing, wars are fought over a turn of phrase, religions develop schisms over the interpretation of a single word and languages change over time as the perception of the meaning, the root and the flavour of an expression or word changes.

Good teachers use words, concepts and techniques that the student understands.  The good teachers change the lesson format to suit the particular students background, attitude, knowledge and capacity to absorb.  Therefore, all written texts and treatise’ are attempting to present the flavour of the teaching as the teacher saw fit to present at that time, in that place, with that student in mind.

Some religious systems start with the end in mind in that they teach by describing a view of the bigger picture.  Others start by leading the student on a journey and giving the skills that the student needs in order to be able to realise the end state on their own.  Using the sequence of: hear, know, realise (the A’ha) – the different religions use different approaches at the base level.  However, they all have this sequence as the core.

I have heard someone say that there is such a place as Peru, I have seen and heard documentaries about Peru therefore I know that there is such a place.  However, I have not been there so I do not realise the essence of Peru or I have no experience of an “A’ha” about Peru.  Or we might try to explain and extol the virtues of chocolate cake.  It is delicious, it is amazing, the chef is so skilled, etc.  In this way we might “hear” and “know” about chocolate cake.  What is even better is if we then take a bite and know for ourselves the essence of the chocolate cake.

Most issues between religious systems come from those that are expert hearers and knowers but have not progressed to the realisation stage.

All teachings have elements of the truth, the teachers and authors present their perception (their reality) of this truth in the best way they know how.  It is up to us to hear, to know, and then to take a bite so that we can truly “realise”.

Violence in the name of religion – WHAT?

Recent events in Myanmar that have seen Muslim minorities subject to violence, murder and displacement in the name of religious differences by the Buddhist majority is an anathema to the objectives and motivations of religion.  Some are taking advantage of this to stir up trouble by using doubtful photographs highlighting the violence.

This is not purely based on religious differences, it is, however, an indication of what happens when a people have been subject to a dictatorship and then suddenly released from its bonds and people believe that it is now their TURN to get their own back.

It seems more to be ethnic tribalism at its worst similar to the Northern Island “troubles”, apartheid, or other “Religious Conflicts” waged in the name of one belief system or another when it is no more than a power/land/money grab on the behalf of one group over another.

ALL belief systems should be condemning the violent actions of ANY group regardless of the motivation and religious alliance.

PUT the EGO HOUNDS on the leash and restrain them so that the Soul Dogs can communicate.

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