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The Struggle of being Strong

To remember on that day through pride and struggle

The turmoil of those lost in chaos and pain

See us as we labour to survive this challenge

This day to day living with the weight of atlas

Bearing on our shoulders and weighing on our soul

Like others we were broken then built anew

Hearing that which doesn’t kill us will make us stronger

Optimism of youth believing the challenge

Belittling those that fell by the way as we showed that we were better

The true carriers of esprit de corps

The mono colour of cloth has passed

And in different uniforms we stride

Carrying the bearing of hours of strain and moulding

The external mode in keeping with customs and traditions

Seeing others but perceiving the cracks in the façade

Knowing that which doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you stronger

And makes you broken in multitude of ways

Hidden from the surface until a true mate asks “are you OK”

The years of conditioning fade and the truth be told

Is given, “doing it hard, but I’ll be ok”

The pain of living with the defects makes the alternative a way to go

To cease the roar of confusion, of images long past

Seen as the happening of every day

The frustration and confusion of a mind reprogrammed

To see and do what should not be condoned

Lack of comprehension by those that we love

Wishing for you to move on and to love them as we should

Not knowing that we are broken and that love is far from where we are.

See them stand our siblings in arms

Bearing bright and tall but bearing the pain

Cracked and broken in degrees

Hiding it all

Which one will break and wish to end it all

While we band together and support their fall


Day by day we are exposed to messages from modern mass media that implies, directs and judges us on what we should or should not value. What we wear, what we have, what we drink, consume and do for entertainment is, if we are to believe the doyens of judgement, the values by which we can take our place on this earth.

This smoke screen of ludicrous social white noise distracts us from the values that underlie the way in which we walk upon this earth and this current existence. My value of a person is based on which phone I use? How does this stand up to the value of a child in Ghana that is sold into slavery for the total value of $400. Or a girl in Nepal is taken into prostitution to pay off a relatives debt. How does this relate to the social value of a mobile phone?

Our values reflect whether we walk heavily or softly on this earth and this existence. The accumulation of values that we carry and that influence our behaviour are not hard wired or carved into our psyche but are fluttering in front of the lens of our perception like butterflies or transient dust that we can cleanse at any time once we realise that what we are, in fact, seeing/perceiving is not truth but our version of truth.

The premise of our existence is that we are all in this fish bowl of breathable air together. The breath that I take as I write this has passed through the lungs of many sentient beings before me just as my DNA has been passed down to me from my ancestors long buried and forgotten. Also, we have this one earth that sustains this biological transportation vessel for this consciousness/soul that we all share and that if we walk heavily on this earth then the consequences reverberate in ways that we can not conceive.

Our values in order to promote a life worth living should be, I believe, premised on giving thanks for our ancestors, this land on which we tread, those that are the traditional carers of this earth and the realisation that our breath and blood are common to all.

Being Friends with the Person you spend the most time with – YOU.

Today I wish for all of us to make friends with our own set of aggregates.

In a visualisation of yourself, wish to you that you are well, that you are happy, that you are free from suffering and that you live at ease. Then give yourself a hug.

Being nice to yourself is a step in the right direction towards all that is good.



Today as the Sunday sun rises and announces a new day in whichever part of the world you might be in. Take the time to be thankful for whatever that you have.

If you had a place to sleep, give thanks and develop the wish for all people to have a place to sleep.

If you have food, give thanks and develop the wish for all people to have food.

If you have health, give thanks and develop the wish for all people to have health.

If you are happy and free from suffering … well, you know what to do.

When we sit to our worship and our prayers, request not for ourselves but for others that they may be well, may be happy, may be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, and may they live at ease.

Wish this for loved ones, acquaintances, those that we might call enemies, and for all those that are in times of famine, crisis or war.

This is my wish.

Loving Kindness

As I sit in contemplation

Ego diminishing and thoughts of loving kindness arise

For my self as separate I wish

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering

May you live at ease



For those I love and hold dear

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering

May you live at ease

For those that I see and meet with no particular thought

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering

May you live at ease

For those that I have falsely developed a fear or thought to despise

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering

May you live at ease

For all sentient being in all parts of existence

May you be well

May you be happy

May you be free from suffering

May you live at ease

This is my wish


See the people drowning in a sea of stimulation

Craving, desiring and consuming

Drawing into their being the essence of advertising and confusion of needs and wants

The suffering that is only eased by more of the same

Happiness depending on the external – falsehoods one and all

See the people claiming that their way is the blessed way

To the exclusion of all others

The pain the suffering the torment written on their face and in their being

Those in holy uniforms of segregation and separation

Diversity in unity

See the people focussing on the elimination of those not like them

Those that are all one under God but defying the true teaching, so they say

Those that act not in the way of theirs

Those that follow another teacher, another way, to the same destination

The blasphemy interpreted by the judge of self defiant of true teachings

See the people that realise the essence of truth

See the people that abide with the truth in all things

See the people that live in grace as they realise that truth is universal

See the people that have not created a new awareness

See the people that have eliminated the falsehood of false interpretation

See those that are realised in robes of all colours and styles

See the people that put no value in the external

Universal – Accessed


Whilst considering the motivation of those that attempt to force others to change spiritual practice through force I went through the following thought process:

a. To forcefully attempt the change the behaviour of others should be without anger, as anger would be ego and that is being possessed by self, however if without anger is this wrong?,

b. This would be like a mother using force or punishment to change the behaviour of a child that is doing something that is dangerous,

c. If we are taught that there is a certain way of doing something so that we have a positive effect and we see our child doing something different then we act because we have a sense of responsiblity to teach the child,

d. Likewise with religion and dogma, if we are taught there there is a right way of doing something, and have some faith in that method and that it has positive results then we feel confident in that method,

e. If we are also taught that our way is the only correct way and that those that have a different methods are causing a dilution of positivity and that we have a responsibility to the divine world to correct the deluded behaviour of others so that the world will cease to suffer then we feel a sense of duty to act – not dis-similar to the mother and child

f. If we also sense that we must stop others doing this thing so that they will stop hurting themselves or others then we might feel a sense of “right” to use any method available.

SO, my question and my dilemma.  Obviously the people that are being stopped will have their own perception of right method and that they should be free to practice what they know to be true.  SO, how do we bring these two conflicting views to a common sense of unity such that they can practice their own belief systems with mutual respect and understanding.

More meditation to come – “A’ha” moment not yet achieved.

Eat the cake to truly REALISE

“I have faith in my religion because it is THE truth”

A common turn of phrase used to counter and halt all discussion about comparative religion and dialogue about alternative views.  Language is a strange thing, wars are fought over a turn of phrase, religions develop schisms over the interpretation of a single word and languages change over time as the perception of the meaning, the root and the flavour of an expression or word changes.

Good teachers use words, concepts and techniques that the student understands.  The good teachers change the lesson format to suit the particular students background, attitude, knowledge and capacity to absorb.  Therefore, all written texts and treatise’ are attempting to present the flavour of the teaching as the teacher saw fit to present at that time, in that place, with that student in mind.

Some religious systems start with the end in mind in that they teach by describing a view of the bigger picture.  Others start by leading the student on a journey and giving the skills that the student needs in order to be able to realise the end state on their own.  Using the sequence of: hear, know, realise (the A’ha) – the different religions use different approaches at the base level.  However, they all have this sequence as the core.

I have heard someone say that there is such a place as Peru, I have seen and heard documentaries about Peru therefore I know that there is such a place.  However, I have not been there so I do not realise the essence of Peru or I have no experience of an “A’ha” about Peru.  Or we might try to explain and extol the virtues of chocolate cake.  It is delicious, it is amazing, the chef is so skilled, etc.  In this way we might “hear” and “know” about chocolate cake.  What is even better is if we then take a bite and know for ourselves the essence of the chocolate cake.

Most issues between religious systems come from those that are expert hearers and knowers but have not progressed to the realisation stage.

All teachings have elements of the truth, the teachers and authors present their perception (their reality) of this truth in the best way they know how.  It is up to us to hear, to know, and then to take a bite so that we can truly “realise”.


We are attacked from all sides with messages that guarantee happiness,

The new this, the updated that, look young, look older, look darker, look lighter, be seen, be this, be that,

Happiness is a natural state,

The opposite of happiness is not sadness it is suffering based on the influence of the ego,

Suffering based on the perception that “if only”.  And once we get we want the cycle continues.

Attachment to the desire and the object of desire,

Elimination of suffering leads to innate Happiness.

The skills and the practice to eliminate suffering within and without is the issue and the objective, not the acquisition of more “stuff”.

Source of Happiness

Wishing Happiness for others and being happy and content for ourselves relies on a source of none.

 Happiness is as natural a state as the sky is blue.

 Occasionally obscured by clouds of our own making but blue and clear nonetheless.

 Does the wishing and getting of wants result in a happiness that is lasting and sustainable?

 Does the indulgence of momentary distractions result in a happiness that is lasting and sustainable?

 Does the pursuit of sensory satisfaction result in a happiness that is lasting and sustainable?

 Does the elimination of suffering in all its forms result in a happiness that is lasting and sustainable?

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